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Lips don't lie...

  • Make thin lips fuller
  • Create bigger lips for a more beautiful smile
  • Build a well-defined lip
  • Gives the mouth an enhanced attractiveness with a fresher and smooth textured lip

Get rid of smokers lines or lipstick lines with a perfect smoothing from dermal fillers. It's also great for fixing unpleasant facial areas.

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The perks of lip fillers in London

  • Starting price of lip fillers is from £199
  • Restores youth, vigour, and freshness
  • Can upturn the mouth corners
  • Ideal for vegans
  • Creates bigger, bolder, and beautiful lips with a sensual appeal
  • Non-invasive treatment without recovery time. Once treatment is complete, you can go about your usual activities
  • It is not permanent and will break down naturally
  • Your lips can be transformed to give a more natural appearance based on your preferences
  • Only qualified medical experts give lip injections
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About Lip Fillers London

People may not be happy with their lip size or shape for several reasons. Some persons experience their lips becoming less defined and thinner as they grow old naturally. Other people may have always had narrow lips without a well-defined cupid's bow. Make-up indeed can help your lips appear fuller, but a lot of lipsticks are likely to deform, smear, and bleed into the lipstick lines (vertical lines) above the mouth.

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We have developed our fillers to improve the way your lips look naturally. From enhancing your philtral columns to perfectly aligning the vermilion border to collapse into a prominent cupid's bow, we ensure both your upper and lower lips are symmetrical to give a perfect O when you constrict them. Again, with our near-permanent fillers produced from a man-made gel that functions like the body's hyaluronic acid, your lips are designed to give results that are safe, natural-looking and durable.

Not every lip filler available in the market contains the right and quality ingredients. In fact, there are numerous low-quality lip fillers out there. However, we only make use of a range of lip fillers that are temporary but are highly advanced. And because of the sensitivity of this procedure, only licensed and qualified nurses and doctors are permitted to administer filler injections to our patients.

About Lip Fillers London

What kind of lip filler

Kind of Lip Fillers

Do bear in mind that lip fillers vary from one to another.

With the growing number of fillers on the market, it takes a good lip filler to have the right amount of cohesivity, longevity, elasticity, concentration of hyaluronic acid and protrusion.

Depending on what each lip filler contain, its usage and application point differs.

Juvederm Volift is what we chose at Lipfillers London. Why?

  1. 01
    It contains an ingredient known as lidocaine which is useful in reducing discomfort felt during and after treatment.
  2. 02
    Results appear after a month of usage, yet the filler won't be felt under the skin.
  3. 03
    This lip filler serves a dual function of filling and shaping lips while fixing any pre-existing troublesome area like lipstick lines.
  4. 04
    With Volift, your results can last for a duration of 18 months.
  5. 05
    It has a synthetically-made hyaluronic acid; not from animal source.
  6. 06
    Volift is a global leading market product stemming from more than 35 years of experience, and regularly tested, reviewed, and enhanced to produce the optimum result as much as possible.

Every patient has specific needs depending on the shape of their face. Our years of experience on the job can help us forecast how the result of your lip treatment will be, but nobody can guarantee its outcome. Based on this, during your initial treatment, we decide to work on your results for a period; making all the necessary tweaks here and there to see that you achieve your desired look, be it full and striking, or inconspicuous and natural.

So, what we do is to begin with the 1ml filler at your first treatment, and as time goes on, increase this amount by 0.5ml until we can ascertain what product quantity is suitable for you. After getting to know the quantity of product that is needed to give you your chosen result from our lip filler treatment, we will continue to give treatments during your follow-up visits until you inform us about the need for a different outcome.

Remember that practitioners are not the same.

Since dermal fillers, lip fillers inclusive, are considered to be a minimally invasive procedure, they are not regulated in the UK, so anybody can administer these treatments.

Granted, these procedures are very safe and temporary (they can break down naturally with time except if you make use of permanent fillers), but they still have major risks if administered by poorly trained practitioners.

What we do at Lipfillers London is that only a well-trained doctor or nurse is allowed to give lip filler injections and other injectable treatments.

Injectors who are not properly trained medically, if allowed to do the job can adversely affect your treatment procedure by:

  1. 01
    Administering the wrong filler product for the area
  2. 02
    Injecting the lip filler at an incorrect depth leading to nodules
  3. 03
    Non-uniform and lumpy results
  4. 04
    Infecting wounds which could cause permanent scarring
  5. 05
    Injections causing necrosis (a kind of cell injury that kills cells prematurely)
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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and treatment to treatment.

Should you decide to meet us or another clinic for your lip treatment, it is our advice that you inquire about the features of the filler used at your first meeting with a practitioner. Also, consider how comfortable you would be to have somebody who cannot provide answers to your questions treat you.

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Cost of Lip Fillers Treatment in London

Need your lips to have slightly tilted upward corners to make them full, beautiful, and appealing; lip fillers can do that. Sometimes, a combination of dermal fillers comes in handy to correct lipstick lines, create smooth textured lips with a bigger, restored and fresh look.

We provide lip fillers starting from £199.It would be our pleasure to speak with you when you schedule a free andno-obligation lip filler consultation with us.

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Caring for your lip after lip fillers treatment in London

You may experience some changes in your lips after receiving a lip upgrade. Some of the things you should expect include:

  • Your lips may become tender, reddish, and even swell after treatment. Should this happen, understand that it is normal and within some days, the discomfort will subside
  • There is no laid-out recovery time after lip upgrade, so you can simply go back to normal activities once your augmentation is done
  • Sometimes, you may experience bruising. This is usually temporary and lasts for just a couple of days.
  • Everything you should know from recovery to what to look forward to during the appointment will be explained to you by a nurse.

Lip Fillers Aftercare tips

  • Do not wear any make-up for at least 12 hours after your lip augmentation treatment.
  • Stay away from hot area, surfaces and climes until swelling and redness are relieved. This implies you should avoid exposure to the sun, saunas, sunbeds or steam rooms
  • Exercises that are extremely physically draining should not be engaged in till the next day after your lip upgrade
  • Do not take any alcoholic drinks for at least 24 hours after lip filling
  • Do not stress or manipulate the lip area
  • Go for lip injection treatments; they're usually recommended after every 6-12 months
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Lip Fillers London FAQ’s

Near-permanent fillers produced by Juvederm is what we employ for lip upgrade at Lipfillers. The reason being that Juvederm products are durable and are also the only hyaluronic acid volumising filler with FDA approval, plus they can last up to a year with a single treatment.

So, our medical experts make use of the following:

  • Voluma: This is a durable smooth gel that restores lost volume to your chin or cheeks for a subtle lifting effect. Besides, it is the only hyaluronic acid volumising filler approved by the FDA approval and the results last up to a year
  • Volift: For fixing or smoothing wrinkles, fold and facial lines for a brighter and youthful appearance, Volift is suitable. And results last up to a year and 3 months
  • Ultra: This one hydrates and adds volume to scars and fine wrinkles with a 9-months result duration.
  • Volbella: Facial contours and lips are inconspicuously reshaped and redefined lips with this formula. And results last up to a year
  • Smile: Fuller lips with a prominent definition is achieved with this enhanced treatment. And results last up to 1 year

After application, dermal fillers effect wears off gradually, but on average they can remain active for 4 months to 1 year based on the area to be treated.

Anytime you begin to see the filler effects gradually fading off, you can revisit your local clinic for a lip filler top-up treatment. But if you decide to discontinue treatment with dermal fillers, the biodegradable gel will disappear from your skin.

Since the lips are very sensitive, we usually give patients local anaesthetic to numb the area before treatment. You may still experience some discomfort but if it persists, kindly contact your nurse or doctor. They will look for possible ways to get you relief.

We inject semi-permanent fillers in little controlled doses right under the skin surface of the treatment area. This makes the sunken lines and areas to fill out, giving a firmer, smoother and rejuvenated look. Results of treatment can last from 6 to 2 years, depending on the type of dermal filler used.

Based on ethical reasons, Lipfillers offer injectable treatments according to policies relating to an age limit. Because of the natural development of the muscles and face, we chose not to provide lip or dermal fillers to persons under the age of 18. For the treatment of hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating), we avoid injecting people below 21. In the case of injections for muscle relaxants that take care of wrinkles and lines around the forehead and eyes, we provide no treatment for those under the age of 25.

Right after your dermal filler treatment, you will notice immediate results. There is no recovery time for lip upgrade with dermal fillers. When the treatment is completed, you can quickly resume your normal daily activities.

Again, after treatment, you may observe swelling, tenderness, and redness on the treated site. You don't have to panic, this is very normal and expected. Typically within a few days, all of this discomfort will subside.

For more information on how to upgrade your lips and look more beautiful when you smile, you can contact us on 020 31372932. We are located at Suite 1, 70 Great Russell Street, Holborn, London WC1B 3BN. It would be really nice to hear from you.

For more information on to our range of treatment including lips fillers and dermal fillers, you can contact us on 020 31372932

We are located at Suite 1, 70 Great Russell Street, Holborn, London WC1B 3BN.