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Choose Lip Fillers London for lip Augmentation in the UK

When you choose our highly experienced lip fillers Practitioner in London, they will add more volume with a medically developed solution for natural looking attractive lips. The complete procedure involves injecting Hyaluronic acid into your lips to achieve a more natural, subtle shape with more volume.

What actually are lip fillers?

A lip augmentation or lip filler uses gel-like filler with different kinds of fillers that are injected around your mouth and into the lips. These days, lip filler injections are made up of hyaluronic acid that can fill wrinkles, volumise your soft tissue and hydrate the skin properly. Fillers are considered to be a safe option when you have loss of volume and want to add fullness and lift. It works by plumping your skin and restoring volume so that deep-set lines are smoothed. As we age, our bodies do not produce as much collagen and elastin that keep us young look.

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How will lip fillers work?

Kind of Lip Fillers

Lip fillers will be injected into your lip.

Typically, a lip filler treatment requires at least one to two vials based on the kind of effect you want. At Lip Fillers London, we use HA only based dermal fillers to create re-contour, volume or add definition for your lips. Juvederm® or Stylage Special Lips has Hyaluronic acid which is a substance and occurs naturally in the body and so is completely safe.

Benefits of choosing lip fillers in London

  1. 01
    Make thin lips fuller
  2. 02
    Create plumper lips for a more attractive smile
  3. 03
    Develop well-defined lips
  4. 04
    Give an enhanced attractiveness with a smooth textured lip.
  5. 05
    Gets rid of lipstick lines smoker's lines through the smoothing effect of dermal fillers.
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    Schedule for your free obligation consultation.

Cost of lip fillers procedure in London

Want your lips to be slightly tilted upward fuller, plumper and more attractive? Choosing lip filler procedure can help to restore your gorgeous smile with appealing lips. You will find a combination of dermal fillers that can help to correct lipstick lines and form smooth textured lips for a bigger fresher look.

Get in touch with us about our lip fillers that start from £300 for 1ml syringe. We will be more than happy to have an initial phone consultation at no cost.

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Procedure of lip fillers

Lip fillers are injections that give lips a fuller and plumper look. The injections are hyaluronic acid and the procedure requires a few minutes only and is minimally invasive. But the method is not permanent, and you will require future injections to maintain your plump pout.

You might suffer from some tenderness, bruising or swelling afterwards but side effects are minor. Aftercare for the fillers is simple.

Tips for lip fillers aftercare

Your lips may be swollen after the procedure. You may experience some bruising or tenderness at the injection sites which is quite normal. The side effects are minor and you will be able to do most of your activities afterwards.

  • You can apply ice to the lips using ice cubes covered with cloth as this can lessen itching, swelling, bruising and any other pain.
  • We advise that you refrain from strenuous exercise for at least 24 to 48 hours after lip or other dermal fillers. Increased blood pressure and heart rate due to any kind of exercise can make bruising or swelling worse. Take medication as suggested by your Aesthetic Practitioner and engage in light activities like walking.
  • You should remain hydrated by drinking lots of water that will enable your body to heal quickly.
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and try not to take excess sodium because that can worsen swelling.
  • Avoid high temperatures such as saunas, steam rooms or exercise classes for 48 hours after treatment. Heat may make swelling much more pronounced.
  • Ask your aesthetic practitioner about taking a painkiller in the days after the treatment.
  • If you are having lip fillers for a particular event, then try to allow adequate time between the procedure and the event to allow your lips to recover properly.
  • Keep your head elevated on your pillow when you are sleeping. This will lessen the swelling. Also avoid sleeping on your face.
  • Do not wear any makeup on your lips for 24 hours after the procedure.
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FAQs on lip fillers

Every patient who wants to have injectable treatments with lip fillers is provided with an in-depth consultation that assesses your expectations. Our clinic is completely safe, and the treatment will be done by a qualified professional.

You will need to go to a private clinic for your lip fillers to be administered safely by a qualified professional in a clinical environment.

Lip fillers usually last for 9 to 12 months though this may differ depending on various factors such as the volume of filler being injected. Other than this, the lifestyle factors such as direct exposure to sun or smoking may affect how long the results will last and how quickly your body will break down the filler.

At Lip Fillers London, we will conduct a post-treatment evaluation to ensure you are really satisfied with your results. The Aesthetic Practitioner will check-in with you post-treatment and answer any queries you might have. Afterwards, there can be some bruising or swelling with bruising fading away within a fortnight and swelling fading within 48 hours.

Once the treatment is done, your lips will be a bit sore and tender for the first few days and you might have the sensation of having something in your lips. During the consultation, your practitioner will give you an indication of how your lips will appear in the days and weeks after the treatment.

No. During your consultation, your Aesthetic Practitioner will discuss a suitable plan for your needs. We use the natural contours of your face for proper guidance so your facial expressions will not change.

No, makeup should be applied to your lips for 12 hours following the treatment.

During your initial consultation, we will spend sufficient time discussing your expectations and our trained practitioners will administer the lip fillers. There will be no shocking results following the treatment. If you feel unsatisfied with the results, your practitioner might administer a suitable solution that will dissolve the lip filler instantly without causing any damage or effect. We do not advice dissolving HA filler if not medically needed.

Yes, lip fillers should and will appear natural and during consultation, your practitioner will discuss the right plan that will achieve the most desired results.

We do not provide permanent lip fillers due to the fact that the long-term risks are unknown.

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