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Jawline Slimming

Jawline Slimming With Botox in London

People with a v-shaped facial contour that starts from the cheekbones to the chin are considered as cute! But there are those whose jawlines are so muscular and broad. While this is seen as a great feature in men's face, women on the other hand, don't seem to like this appearance for their face.

Wide jawlines are transferred through the genes from parents to children. The Asians are a common example of people with wide jawlines. Not only that. Habits like teeth grinding and jaw clenching causes the development of the hypertrophic jaw muscles, which makes the lower face protrude and have a square shape. Should you have this kind of facial characteristic, it implies the most have not been made out of your cheekbones.

Jawline slimming which has to do with creating the right balance between jawline and cheekbones is important to give the face that cute, soft v-shape people find attractive. And with jawline botox, this can be achieved at our clinic.

Why have a jawline reduction using botox?

First, botox for jawline is very effective in correcting a plethora of cosmetic and medical issues. Some people refer to this treatment as jawline slimming, jaw reduction, teeth grinding treatment for bruxism, and masetter treatment.

So, if you desire to have a more pronounced V-line in your face, Botox can give a partial relaxation to the muscles in your jaw, reduce their size, and slim down your jawline. Consequently, that beautiful V-line becomes predominant on your face, giving it that lift, slenderness, and youthful charm while showcasing the cheekbones.

Jaw reduction is a common practice with Asians and those having wide jawbone. Do you also know that this treatment can reduce discomfort and bruxism (teeth grinding) which comes as a result of the excess pressure on full-grown jawbone? That's right. It really does a great job at fixing this problem.

Also, reduction of a square jawline, treatment of TMJ disorder and related headaches are possible with botox for the jawline.

Our professional Aesthetic Practitioners at Lipfillers London offer botox treatment for jaw size reduction, bruxism correction, and change facial appearance for better.

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Fast facts about botox jawline treatment

  • The procedure takes between 15 to 30 minutes
  • Downtime for a lot of patients is between 0 to 2 days
  • Treatment has a starting price of £450
  • You can resume work and other activities on the same day of treatment
  • Just one treatment which can be repeated as required is given
  • The duration of the result usually takes 4 to 6 months
  • About a week time, you can start work. With time you will get better, and between 2 to 6 weeks, maximum results will show up

The following can be commonly treated with jawline slimming botox:

  • Square jaw
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Jawline reduction
  • Other benefits that may alleviate headaches

What's the procedure for treatment?

An experienced practitioner at our clinic will perform this treatment on you, administering 3 botox injections on both sides of your jaw. This procedure is a gradual one, and you may only get to see results sometimes after 8 weeks. To keep your jawline continuously slim, you will have to repeat this procedure every 3 to 6 months. But pain and teeth grinding symptoms alleviation will be experienced just 2 weeks post-procedure. This is when you will know if the treatment has been effective.

No prep work is needed, and patients do not get any anaesthetic during the treatment. Only 1 in 10 patients get to experience pain. It is a very safe procedure so you can be sure you'll be fine.

A more organic result

Before getting a botox treatment to correct your jaw size, our Aesthetic Practitioners will assess your natural features and advise you on what's best. We work to achieve a natural result for patients.

Case 1 Befor Case 1 After
Case 1 Befor Case 1 After

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and treatment to treatment.

Prior to treatment

Should it be your first appointment with Lipfillers London, we will do a thorough assessment of your facial health condition to plan the procedure. After that, you will have to give your consent to get a botox jaw reduction. Our Aesthetic Practitioner will administer on average, 3 injections on the two sides to calm the masseters.

Post treatment

Please stay away from energetic activities like sports and yoga on the day of your treatment. Again, we advise that you don't lie down during the first 2 hours after receiving botox jawline treatment.


There are no primary side effects to jawline slimming treatment. As quick as this procedure is, you will get better faster, and no one, including you will be able to identify signs of treatment. Very rarely, mild bruises may show up but that's not what you should expect. It only happens occasionally.

The duration of effect

It won't be easy to directly spot the final outcome of your botox treatment. The reason is that the procedure is a gradual one, and typically, results only show up after a period of 8 weeks on average.


We at Lipfillers London offer intake before you get botox jawline reduction. As usual, a comprehensive health check will be performed on you to find out if there are issues that may impede the procedure, and they will be taken care of. While waiting for your diagnostic report, useful expert advice will be given to you based on your personal choices. Pictures will be taken, and you will give us your consent while a health declaration is signed. From here, the treatment can go on at once.

Treatment safety

Since botox is covered by the Medicines Act, the jawline slimming work is a very safe procedure. What does this mean for you? It shows that there's been extensive research on the efficacy, possible side effects and complications of this procedure. And it is only if the results are good that the product is permitted to enter the market. We use a very low amount of botox in masseters treatment - one that is neither toxic nor cause any harm. Most interestingly, there has not been any report of a harmful long-term side effect of botox.

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Usually, it takes between 15 to 30 minutes for this procedure to be completed. But since you will need a consultation to evaluate your suitability, both sessions will take around 30 minutes.

Different persons will experience varying timeline of effect. It also comes down to genetics, age, and how often prior treatment takes place. Botox anti-wrinkle injectables usually stay active from 4 to 6 months. In the muscles of the jaw, the botox injection may last longer. You can see results in two weeks; however, it takes more time before getting maximum results.

Determining this is on a personal level, and comes down to a number of conditions. At your initial consultation, the Aesthetic Practitioner will evaluate your condition and know the number of units you'll need. They will also determine how often you need to repeat this treatment.

Normally, patients do not require to be numbed with local anaesthetic for jawline slimming, but should you prefer to have one, it won't be a problem - we will give you. Also, the needles we use for administering botox are very thin and fine. They resemble that used for injecting insulin.

You may experience mild discomfort or changes in your chewing after treatment, but it should pass away quickly.

This will also depend on the result of your assessment, just like in the case of units required. However, the cost comes down to the strength of the muscles, the required number of botox units for your condition, and how many treatments you'll need (for costs later on). Our jawline botox treatment has a starting price of £450.

You will be told the possible side effects and risks of jaw reduction at your consultation. They include but not limited to the following:

  • The injected area may be tender, and there may be swelling around your jaw for some time
  • Mild discomfort while chewing for some days
  • Bruising

If you observe any side effects, do inform us for useful advice.

From 18 years and above, you qualify for a masseter treatment.

You will not have any issues in this regard. Those overactive masseters after receiving the botox injection will become partially at ease, this will reduce their activeness and consequently, the size comes down. So, with a botox jawline slimming, you can still eat and chew very well. Though you may experience slight discomfort, it won't last.

These two treatments aren't the same, and their procedure also varies. Reducing the masseters has to do with a botox treatment since it relaxes and cuts down their size. Conversely, jawline tightening deals with fixing the loss of volume and skin that have slacked, which permits gravitational force to drag them down over the jaw. In correcting this, our Aesthetic Practitioners will recover the volume and make the skin tight again. A filler treatment can work for this procedure.

About 2 weeks after botox jawline treatment, you may experience a significant lowering of muscle activities. This makes the related pain to go away as well.

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For more information on to our range of treatment including lips fillers and dermal fillers, you can contact us on 020 31372932

We are located at Suite 23, 117A Harley Street London, W1G 6AT