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Professional Botox Treatment at Lip Fillers London Clinic

Are you looking to have Botox treatment in London? You have come at the right place! At Lip Fillers London, we take great pride in offering clients Botox treatment throughout London. The method can reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines with the cutting edge and innovative technology performed at our clinic. We have hundreds of satisfied clients across London who simply love their new and improved look. Depending on your Aesthetic Doctor, Botox treatment London has a starting price of just £200. Get in touch with us to discuss your Botulinum Toxin treatment requirements.

About Botox treatment

Botox is a prescription product used for its anti-ageing properties. It can be used to treat and lessen wrinkles and facial lines because if temporarily prevents your muscles from moving. It also blocks chemical signals from the nerves to those signals that prompt to muscle contraction. Several products are available these days and each of them different from the other, especially in the dosage. At our Lip Fillers Clinic in London, we choose industry-leading products only that have been FDA & CE approved for our Botox treatment.

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How Botox procedure works

For your muscles to move, a neurotransmitter sends a signal.  The muscles move as the nerve releases this signal. Botox relaxes muscles to flatten out the wrinkles.

Botox can inhibit muscles from moving by depleting the neurotransmitter action.

You can prevent muscles from moving and reduce the wrinkles formed by some facial expressions.

How We Perform Botox Treatment at our Clinic

The position of facial muscles, effects and movement should be examined first and then marked out for the accuracy of Botox placement. Botox will be administered to the marked areas with super fine needle.

Local anaesthetic is not needed as there will. be minimum discomfort with the technique used. If you are worried about pain, you can apply ice pack or numbing cream on the affected area.

There is minimal downtime, and you can resume your normal activities after the procedure.

Facts about Botox Injections at our Clinic

  • The procedure takes between 15 to 30 minutes
  • Prices for treatment starts from £200
  • Zero downtime
  • Treatment is given every 3 to 4 months
  • Patients can have same-day treatment
  • Duration of the result is around 3 months for a lot of patients
  • Best results are obvious after 10 to 14 days

Botox Treatment That Our Clinic Covers

It includes the following:

  • Forehead
  • Bunny lines
  • Glabellar (frown)
  • Peri-oral (smokers)
  • Crow's feet (Lateral Orbital)
  • Marionette
  • Teeth grinding (Bruxism)
  • Masseter Botox
  • Hyperhidrosis (too much sweating)
  • Chin dents
  • Brow lift
  • Platysma Bands
Case 1 Befor Case 1 After
Case 1 Befor Case 1 After

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and treatment to treatment.

Anti-Ageing Injections Treats The Following Ageing Conditions

  • Hollow cheeks. Professional use of dermal fillers will fill lost volume from the face
  • Peri-oral lines. The loss of elastin and collagen can cause fine lines to appear around the lips, stretching from the mouth to the chin
  • Nasolabial folds. These are found between the nose and mouth. Cheek fillers can fix this problem
  • Marionette lines. Folds that stretch from the mouth to the chin. They can be corrected by using fillers
  • Crow's feet. Upon application of dermal fillers, wrinkles around the eyes can be cleared
  • Glabellar lines. These are seen between the eyebrows. An anti-ageing injection can fix this.

Why Choose Our Clinic for Botox in London

  • A free consultation session with our team of experts
  • Qualified GMC registered doctors perform the treatment
  • We specialise in delivering natural and youthful results
  • Treatments performed at safe clinical locations in and around London
  • Dedicated team to answer your queries and take bookings


Botox treatment starts from £200 at our clinic

Based on the tautness of facial muscles and age of the individual,
the unit number will fluctuate.

Aftercare Treatment:

  • Do not touch the treated area unnecessarily or apply makeup for the entire day
  • Lie down or sleep for at least 3 hours after the treatment
  • Increase the flow of blood to the face for 24 hours through exercise
  • Massage the treated area
  • Peel or exfoliate
  • Avoid sun exposure and protect skin with SPF 30-50

Botox FAQs

At Lipfillers London, a fully trained medical expert will attend to you. Our doctor will discuss your skin problems and any other issues you might have. Bear in mind that we offer a no-obligation consultation and help you understand the treatment, its effects, and its workings to prevent or improve your fine lines and wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin (Botox) injection relaxes the facial muscles to smooth wrinkles and fine lines including frown lines and crow’s feet. The effect is not permanent and lasts only for 3-4 months.

At your initial consultation, your medical history will be evaluated, and before and after pictures will be taken. Based on their experience, the doctor will identify and discuss areas that need the most treatment with full details given at your consultation. After this, treatment will take place.

Let your doctor know if you have issues that could compromise safety like damaged nerves or muscle problems. If you are pregnant or lactating, inform your doctor. There is no medical proof that this may be harmful, but our clinic policy doesn't allow for the treatment of patients who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Most patients can withstand the discomfort of this treatment. As the needle enters your skin, you may feel a mild sensation in that area, but it should be fleeting. The sensation disappears post-treatment, but it may continue up to 24 hours after the procedure. There's no need for local anaesthetic, since the discomfort is mild.

The needles we use are very fine to help reduce any pain due to treatment.

If performed correctly, Botox is completely safe and delivers a natural-looking result to most people. However, there is always a risk of complications with any medical procedure.

Injectable fillers such as Botox correct the signs of aging temporarily. These anti-aging agents can make people look dramatically younger.

There may be signs of bruising on the treated area, but after several days, it will reduce. Certain patients may experience headache or flu-like symptoms after having the initial treatment. There could also be a heavy feeling in the shoulders a day or two post-treatment.

Very little risks are associated with non-invasive treatment, and that's why we perform it only after an in-person consultation where complications and cautions are clearly discussed. Be that as it may, this FDA-approved procedure is safe and a top treatment for wrinkles.

For a long time, Botox has been effectively applied, with very little reported complications.

Since the industry is not regulated in the UK, it is advised that you select the most professional clinic and practitioner. Many clinics are offering cosmetic procedures at cheap rates, so we encourage you to consider carefully. Also, consider the doctor and the products they offer before deciding.

Lip Fillers London take care to see that our patients look natural. We pride in our ability to provide what's right and maintain a good reputation.

Wrinkles cannot be avoided, but they don’t have to be permanent either. Various expert skin treatment options abound that can correct lines and wrinkles and help you avoid them as well. Aside from the anti-ageing injection we have discussed above which promotes the production of collagen, other solutions like skin peels, laser resurfacing, and microdermabrasion can help.

If carried out by an expert doctor, Botox is not a harmful procedure. But just like every other treatment, there can be complications and side effects, including:

  • Headache or flu-like symptoms
  • A crooked smile
  • Bruising, pain, or swelling on the site injected. This could be present for a couple of days.
  • Dry eyes or excessive tearing
  • Saggy eyelids
  • There may be other complications which will occur rarely , if the treatment is handled by a well-trained doctor.

At your initial consultation, you will be told about all the risks linked to the procedure.

Always inform your doctor if you feel any concerns

It is mandatory you get this prescribed medicine from a professional doctor. The injection must be administered with care and precision. Should it happen otherwise, it can cause harm.

The doctor will discuss all you should know about this treatment during your consultation, and you must think carefully prior to proceeding with the treatment.

That said, the kind of doctor you choose for this treatment is highly important. We have at our practice, doctors who have experience from working at top Harley Street clinics.

For excellent results, we only work with up-to-date medical doctors who have professional training, experience, and skills.

It is common practice to give this treatment to people aged 25 and above. Being an anti-wrinkle and ageing injection, it serves as a prevention against wrinkles and the signs of ageing.

Botox is one of the most highly effective treatment for wrinkles available on the market, and its demand is high too. What we do here at Lip Fillers London is to evaluate each patient's condition and give bespoke treatment.

That said, the kind of doctor you choose for this treatment is highly important. We have at our practice, doctors who have experience from working at top Harley Street clinics.

You may qualify for Botox treatment if you have:

  • Deep-set lines and wrinkles
  • Deep lines and wrinkles from facial expressions
  • A desire to enhance the symmetry of your face
  • The need to lower the appearance of a gummy smile
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • A GP recommends the treatment
  • The need to shrink or soften your jawline
  • You may not qualify for Botox if:
  • You have a heavy brow
  • You have a pre-existing muscle problem
  • You're experiencing pregnancy signs, pregnant, or a breastfeeding mother
  • Your skin is very old
  • Your goals are unrealistic
  • You expect to use expression to carry out your profession

A lot of medication administered in very high doses are detrimental. The quantity of toxin we add to anti-wrinkle treatment is small and is used on a specific muscle. This blocks signal from the nerve to the muscle.

No, it won't. We have an internationally recognised team of experts at our practice seen as top authorities.

The following are the aftercare tips you can adopt. However, your doctor will give you aftercare that's specific to your treatment:

  • Don't lie down, massage, or rub the injected area for about 4 hours post-treatment
  • With care, exercise the muscles that have been treated. For instance, smile and frown from time to time
  • Alcohol and aspirin should be avoided or reduced 24 hours pre- and post-treatment
  • Should you have a common headache, do take paracetamol
  • The side effects of this treatment are usually minor and non-permanent. But if you should have concerns, let us know

Both male and female can have this fantastic cosmetic treatment. Besides, who says men don't like looking good? At Lip Fillers London, we treat men to improve their individual and work life.

We have GMC registered Aestheticians, Doctors, Surgeons, and Dermatologists that will give you any kind of support you need.

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For more information on to our range of treatment including lips fillers and dermal fillers, you can contact us on 020 31372932

We are located at Suite 23, 117A Harley Street London, W1G 6AT